Vollezele might be a tranquile little town but our surroundings sure are vibrant! We're located in the heart of the Flemish Ardennes and have a lot of recreational activities lined up for you. Take a look!

  • Museum of the Belgian Draught Horse

    The museum is located in Vollezele's old city hall and is well renowned as as cultural heritage. Thousands of visitors from far and wide frequent the museum during the year.

  • Gaasbeek Castle

    The predecessor of the current castle was built during the 13th century and was an integral part of Brussel's ancient defences. The castle saw frequent destruction & reconstructions during the following centuries and is certainly worth a visit.

  • Geuze brewery De Cam

    The small scale of the Geuze brewery makes De Cam's old Geuze an exclusive beverage.

  • Sint-Martinusbasilisk

    De Sint-Martinus' Basilisk is a Gothic church in Halle, the pearl of Brabant, dedicated to Saint Martinus, patronage saint of Tours.

  • Historical cities

    Edingen's worth a visit with its spectacular park, Ninove, with her famous Witkap beer, Geraardsbergen, Oudenbergstad & renowned of the Tour de Flanders, the Muur & her delicious mattentaarten are all just a stones throw away from our Bed & Breakfast.

  • Brasserie Folensela

    Folensela's menu is stocked with a wide variety of starters, main courses and delicious desserts. With her monthly suggestions, topped with nutricious salads and snacks and cosy setting, you're guaranteed to have a top meal here.

  • d'Afspanning

    Natalie and her team welcome you in d'Afspanning, a trendy pub in the center of Denderwindeke. Located in the heart of the Pajottenland and close to Meerbeke and Edingen, you can always stop by and have an enjoyable meal!

  • De Kroon

    De Kroon or the crown combines its rural location with a relaxing setting and a glorious menu. Catering towards the massive amounts of hikers and bikers that pass by daily, they're guaranteed to enjoy a relaxing stop and wholesome culinairy top-up. A must-visit when you're hungry from hiking/biking!


    "We've been there three times already and they've never let us down! The surrounding is fantastically tranquile and the food is delicious, refreshing and unqiue. For sure we'll be there for a fourth time!"

  • De Egelantier

    Ridicilously quaint, very chilled and the best place to talk over a refreshing beverage. Whether you're thirsty or hungry, De Egelantier is your place to be.

  • Cousco

    If you fancy Oriental food or just simple, sturdy, traditional Belgian cuisine, you can't go wrong with Cousco!

  • De Jonge Garde

    Siblings Barbara & David Wantens took over their parents' business back in 2009. They haven't looked back ever since! With the help from Barbara's partner, Kevin Graf, in the kitchen, the ball really started rolling. De Jonge Garde (litteraly: the young guard) impresses with fresh ingredients, all produced locally and pride themselves with an efficient yet cosy service and a fantastic interior. With the occasional help of their partners, Barbara, David, Kevin and their staff really have a winner on their hands!

  • Pairi Daiza

    Pairi Daiza is Cambron-Casteau's zoo and opened its door at may 11th 1994. Since then it evolved from a bird park to a traditional zoo, with its famous Panda bears. If you ever want to see these beautiful creatures in Belgium, Pairi Daiza's the only place you need to go!

  • Hallerbos

    Hallerbos is Halle's fantastic boss, spanning a massive 552 ha's. During spring, you can enjoy her amazing foresthyacinths. The Hallerbos guarantees tranquile hikes and mesmerising bike rides.

  • De Gavers

    De Gavers brings your holidays a bit closer to you. Tourists and recreants alike will enjoy their time here. Kids can have the time of their life with the various playgrounds, its pools offers a plethora of watersports activity and after an entire day of intense recreation, you can simply relax in one of its many saunas.

    DE GAVERS.jpg
  • Souks en sauna

    Souks & Sauna offers a variety of welness facilities with saunas, swimming pools, a beautyfarm and a restaurant with amazing courses.

  • Thermen Tadema

    This cosy complex at Halle, quite close to Galmaarden & Vollezele guarantees quality, service and a familiar athmosphere. The place to be for welness and relaxation!

  • Vesparental Pajot Experience

    The Pajottenland's beautiful landscapes are explored best whilst riding a Vespa. Often compared to Tuscany, what better way than a nostalgic Italian bike to roam the countrysides and feel the wind in your face?

  • De Kleine Dender

    Swimmingpool De Kleine Dender is a recreational family pool, located in Ninove. All ages can enjoy a refreshing splash here, whether it being the various slides, tidal bath or fragrant baths, swimmers will surely have the time of their life here.